Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mainframes JCL Using JOBLIB / STEPLIB



      It is a DD (Data definition) statement, and it specifies where 
      the program (which is specified in EXEC statement) exists. 
      It is applicable to all job steps in that job. It cannot be used 
      in cataloged procedures.

      Syntax  ->  //JOBLIB  DD  DSN=dataset

      EXAMPLE JCL ->
                  //MYJOB   JOB   (E343),'STUDENZONE'  
                  //JOBLIB  DD    DSN=SE.TEST.LOADLIB,DISP=SHR    <---  Attention
                  //STEP1   EXEC  PGM=COBPROG

                 Immediately following the JOB statement is the JOBLIB DD 
                 statement. This is used to specify the location of the 
                 program that is to be executed.

         It is also like JOBLIB. It is used to tell in which dataset 
   program resides, It will be coded in JOB STEP. It is only 
   for that step instead of entire JOB. It can be placed any 
   where in the job step. STEPLIB can be coded in cataloged 

         Syntax  ->      //STEPLIB  DD  DSN=dataset

         Example JCL ->  //MYJOB   JOB   (U456),'STUDENZONE
                         //STEP1   EXEC  PGM=COBPROG                                                 
                         //STEPLIB DD    DSN=TEST.MYPROD.LIB,DISP=SHR
                         //STEP2   EXEC  PGM=COBPROG2
                         //STEPLIB DD    DSN=TEST.MYPROD.LIB1,DISP=SHR

                         In above example, STEP1 is executing COBPROG which 
                         is member of TEST.MYPROD.LIB 

                         STEP2 is executing COBPROG2 which is 
                         member of TEST.MYPROD.LIB1
If both the JOBLIB and STEPLIB statements are coded, then the STEPLIB specification
                         will override JOBLIB specification.