Monday, December 28, 2009

What is ICEGENER in JCL?

ICEGENER is an integral component of IBM's DFSORTprogram product and can be used as a replacement or substitutefor the IEBGENER program. Most installations use theprogram in a selective way. The program is often entered as aname change in the PGM parameter on the JCL EXEC card inplace of IEBGENER.The ICEGENER program is far more efficient thanIEBGENER and can improve an installation's batch throughputbecause a large number of processes invoke IEBGENER. Atour installation we were using ICEGENER on a selective basis.Recently I installed a user modification that forces ICEGENERto be called even if IEBGENER is coded in the JCL.The following job streams were used to modify the installationdefaults to accomplish this task. The modifications allowIEBGENER to be called when necessary, if, for example, theuser coded IEBGENER control cards in the SYSIN dataset, orin the event of an ICEGENER failure.